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Phlame Classic- Master Emgineer


Phlame Classic is a music producer, musician, and recording engineer with a natural ear for music. A native of Omaha, NE, Phlame’s life in music has spanned many genres, from Gospel, Rock, Hip Hop and R&B to a hybrid of all of the above.

Phlame grew up as a church musician playing the drums and keyboard. In 2013 he landed a placement on Rittz - The Life and Times Of Jonny Valiant which was released by Strange Music. Leading to producing and engineering many artist around the globe, Phlame partnered with OneTen music, a record label out of Tennessee where he produced numerous instrumentals for various artist. Currently Phlame is the co-owner of Triune Beats along with Jay Keys and has experienced great success with WMK media as the lead audio engineer for the film Look Like Somebody - The Ricky Simmons story. Phlame continues to work with solo artists and bands alike at his studio in Omaha, NE, where he enjoys helping artists bring out the best in their work.

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