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The Island

The Island features our Studio A and our beautiful acoustic live room

in our Studio A and Live Room we have

  • Manley Reference Gold Multi-pattern Large-diaphram Tube Condenser Mic

  • Neumann U87 Mic

  • Warm Audio WA800 Tube Condenser Mic

  • Two Raven MTI2's

  • Toft Console Board

  • Apollo 16 interface

  • Two UA LA2A Compressors

  • ART Pro-VLA II Amp

  • Two Adam Audio A7V 7" monitors

  • Two Yamaha HS8 8" monitors

  • Adam Audio Sub10

  • Audient ASP880

  • Shure 7-piece Drum Mic Kit

  • Mason Hamlin Baby Grand

  • Vox Guitar Amp

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live room 4.jpg
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