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Jesse James- engineer

Born Jesse James Shaffer from Omaha, Nebraska. Jesse always loved music even at an incredibly early age. He started his journey in music when he became an aspiring artist in his very early teenage years. Jesse continued his passion for music for many years then started dabbling in the producing and
engineering side in 2014.

Jesses music knowledge and background has led on him on an incredible journey to be an excellent producer and engineer. he puts his heart and soul to every song he lays hands on and has a
passion to make everyone's music sound the best it can be. He is incredibly talented at what he does.  His passion for music is inspiring to so many people all over the country.


His quality is among the best of the best in the surrounding areas and even across the country.  Jesse is married to his lovely wife Heather and they share 3 beautiful daughters together. Jesses
friends and family can also attest to his commitment and passion for music and impact he makes on so many people near and far with his extremely talented skill set. All of Jesses hard work and
determination for music has put him where he is today and he will continue to excel and succeed in his career.

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