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Jxhnny Bliss-Merchandise  Consultant

Jxhnny Bliss, hailing out of Lincoln Nebraska, is a rapper and entrepreneur. Growing up in the Rock scene with his father who DJ's for a local rock radio station 104.1 The Blaze, so meeting rockstars was a regular occurrence. So needless to say, music has been in his blood since day one. Starting out with making rock music and singing, he chose to lay down the guitar straps and chase his dreams of Emceeing for sold out shows. Performing with the likes of Snow The Product, Ugly God, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Kevin Gates and many more, just sets the tone for what the road ahead entails. His 5th studio album "Painted Smiles" has created a path for stardom, with songs like "Mount Olympus", "Not Today", and "Telescope" where he shows his lyrical skill set and sets the bar up high. And songs like "Lobotomy" and "Painted Smiles", where he opens up about a lot of the struggles he's endured. With over a decade of rapping under his belt, he's ready to take things to the next level and expand his horizons with helping younger artists development their sounds and direction. Bliss has it set in his mind that the Midwest is about to take over the rap game, and he's trying to lead the forefront.  Contact Bliss now to book your session in one of recording studios now.

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